I have a crevice in my heart for this song

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Good Afternoon World. 

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I just couldn’t take the clownish humor that was not in a circus anymore.

-On Duck Soup

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darktime sunshine time

I wonder if I’ll bump into you?


she’s so hawt.

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View of Highland Theater from Mr T’s Bowl

Highland Park, CA


here’s random. or, rather, a random day in dysfunctional l.a.

3 different houses/things.

1-pickfair.  i guess that pickfair deserves it’s own update, as it’s a pretty remarkable, monstrous, huge, strangely beautiful, ostentatious, emblematic, storied, oddball house. but, i’ll be honest, i felt kind of creepy and exposed taking pictures of this house as beverly hills residents drove by giving me baleful and withering looks.  so i took a couple of pictures and tucked my figurative tail between my figurative legs and escaped the intimidating stares of the scornful beverly hills residents who were scorning me.  or so i thought.

maybe they were just looking.  scornfully.  in any case: i felt like a creepy interloper.  which, in fact, i might be. then i took a picture of a:

2- modern house across the street that looked kind of cool.  i received fewer nasty looks while doing this. then i found myself in highland park where i took pictures of:

3-these amazing metal dragonflies that make no sense to me but are huge and strange and great.

and i maintain that they’d look really good mounted on the top of pickfair, using their disco ball eyes to stare at the beverly hills residents who were staring at me.

and, an aside, doesn’t ‘pickfair’ kind of sound like the name of a suburban supermarket?

in any case: gigantic pickfair, cute little mid century house across the street from pickfair, and some gigantic metal dragonflies in highland park.